4 Reasons To Switch To Wooden Glasses

So you're in the market for a new pair of spectacles, and you've heard about Wooden Glasses. What's the big deal with wooden glasses anyway? What's wrong with plastic or metal designer frames? 

Eyeglasses are essentially a fashion item. With the advent of laser surgery and contact lenses, there are fewer and fewer reasons to wear eyeglasses. However the main one is style! Eyeglasses will always be around due to how they can express a wearers individuality.  Wooden Glasses excel in this; they express individualism, breaks from the norm and a stance of natural, earthy looks that are safe for the environment. 

Multi-layered Wooden Glasses 

Still on the fence? Check out these top reasons why wooden glasses are the way forward.

1. Eco Friendliness 

Wood is a natural renewable material which thanks to recent advances in manufacturing techniques, needs very little processing and energy to produce. 

Whilst there will be some who'd question using natural materials for such a ubiquitous consumer item, the alternatives must be considered. Plastic and Metal require a humongous amount of energy to produce, involving chemicals, heat and fossil fuels. Wood, in its journey to becoming wooden glasses, do not. 

In addition, the industrial waste from wooden glasses production is significantly less environmentally impactful then plastic or metal. Our byproduct is quite literally sawdust - whereas metal and plastic factories produce petro-chemical waste, micro-plastics and other chemical waste usually unseen by the end-consumer. 

The eco-friendliness of wooden glasses is already way ahead of the competition, even before it reaches the consumer and her thoughts about what a great bio-degradable choice wooden glasses are. 


wood glasses men


FreshforPandas Wooden Glasses 

2. Hypoallergenic 

Your glasses are going to be part of your daily life; they will most likely be the first thing you pick up in the morning, and the last thing you put down at night. They'll not only be the window where all your visual perception passes, they will press against your temples - the main flow of blood to your brain and rest on your nose bone, connected directly to your cranium, as well as sit for 12 hours a day behind your ears. 

This level of contact will, after months or years of use, may eventually have allergy implications. This is especially the case with metal and cheap plastic glasses. 

Wooden glasses are natural, our wooden glasses are finished with a 100% natural wood and plant based treatment to keep them waterproof and therefore sweat resistant. The wood used is natural, even the models with acetate tips are made with plant based acetate.

More and more of our customers are making the switch away from plastic and metal to wooden glasses for this reason. If you experienced skin conditions behind your ears or nose markings from prolonged contact with metal or plastic, then it might be a mild allergy. 

wood glasses women

3. Lightweight

Our wooden glasses are super lightweight! This makes a big comfort difference to heavier plastic or metal glasses. With pressure on the temples, nose and ears, wooden glasses will ensure a super comfortable, forget-you're-wearing experience. 

4. Uniqueness and Style

Last but not least, wooden glasses look awesome! From chic to punk to corporate to hipster - wooden glasses can make that subtle natural difference to complete any look. 

At last Eyeglasses do not have to be boring or an unwanted necessity. They can be unique, expressive and match anyones individuality, whilst improving comfort and the environment. 

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If you're new to FreshforPandas Eyewear, check out our wooden glasses here  We make unique, fresh eyewear from either 100% wood or bamboo, multi-layer wood, titanium and bio-plastic. All with a twist of eco!