6 Reasons to choose Handmade Wooden Sunglasses instead of Mass Produced Sunglasses

Did you know over 75% of the sunglasses on the market today are made by the same company, in the same factories? Often the only difference is the logo on the arm! 

FreshforPandas are part of a new breed of eco eyewear producer, competing directly with the big boys. And to stay competitive, we need to think outside the box and offer value other than mass appeal. 

Our core range are Wooden Sunglasses. There are a lot of plus and minuses of choosing a natural, biodegradable material for your eyewear (for one they biodegrade!) However here is a list of common reasons why this material is becoming such a threat to the Big Man of the industry. 

1. Eco-Friendly - Wooden Sunglasses are not harmful to the environment. The material is renewable and decomposes organically. Plastic takes 500 to 900 years to decompose. This causes problems in our landfills and our oceans. In addition, the production of these plastic frames is often twice as harmful to the environment as the end product! 

Handmade Wooden Sunglasses use less machinery, produces less waste (which is typically just sawdust!), and has a shorter route to market, meaning less carbon footprint in transporting raw materials and assembly. From tree to factory to shop, instead of multiple assembly lines and materials sourced from every corner of the world

2. Hypoallergenic - Wood Sunglasses are useful for wearers with allergies against metal and plastic.  Often wearers with mild symptoms often don't even realise that their body has a natural negative reaction to chemicals in plastic. Notable signs include dryness behind the ears or raw itchiness around the nose or temples. Wooden Sunglasses are ideal for these issues  

3. Comfort - Often new wearers of Wood Sunglasses comment on how comfortable they are due to their light weight. Mass Produced Eyewear that sits on your face all day can cause marks on the nose and head strain. Wood Sunglasses and Eco Eyewear are like not wearing anything at all! You will find you will probably forget you're wearing them!

4. Health - A bit of a long stretch this one, but there is a theory that plastic and metal can increase blood pressure and anxiety! Stay with me here, but if you think about hot weather, and a piece of hot metal or plastic heating up pressing against your temples - the main blood flow to the brain - then it is possible eyewear material can impact your stress and blood pressure. Wooden Sunglasses naturally dispense heat avoiding this. 

5. They Float! - A blessing for sailors, swimmers and anyone who enjoys water outdoors. Anyone who's been on a beach and lost a pair of expensive aviators in the water, would know what a relief this feature is. Its no wonder our biggest sales come from coastal areas! 

6. They look cool and are unique - You will not get the same pair of Wooden Sunglasses twice. Each is unique with its own markings, colour and grain. In addition, with modern technology and design in the wooden sunglasses market, wooden sunglasses are no longer just the plain boring wayfarer shape. Advanced wood manufacturing means we can produce as good styles as any plastic frame on the market. 


Of course Wooden Sunglasses and eco-eyewear aren't for everyone. Wood is a naturally weaker material than plastic, so care has to be taken of them. Wood will naturally decompose if not properly looked after... And wood also naturally warps in certain (mainly damp) conditions. However all these points aren't really issues if Wood Sunglasses are taken care of properly. With the care they deserve, they will last years if not decades!