All say Bamboo

Welcome to Fresh for Pandas, a shop dedicated to bamboo related products as an alternative to plastic. 

So what do you know about Bamboo - other than Pandas like it?

Did you know bamboo is not actually a tree, but a kind of grass?

Or that it’s the fastest growing plant, where in the right conditions can grow up to 4 feet per day!?

That to grow, it takes little to no pesticides, fertiliser or genetic modification, that it can practically grow anywhere? 

Or that it produces more oxygen than any other plant life on the planet?

Or that a Bamboo Toothbrush biodegrades in months, instead of the 100 years a plastic toothbrush takes

Well you do now.

So when you read news about the great plastic dumps in our oceans slowly dripping into our food chain, or concerned about the damage of farming other materials for the production of everyday objects, start with a small change in your life. Shop at Fresh for Pandas ! :)


Jean-Pierre, founder of FreshforPandas

March 2018

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