Aviator Sunglasses

Do you ever wonder why Aviator Sunglasses are called Aviator Sunglasses, or what makes an Aviator and Aviator, and Wayfarer Sunglasses a Wayfarer?

Like watches and other fashion accessories, sunglasses were born out of utility. To block UV rays and glare. Aviator Sunglasses were made popular in the 1940's, where constant news coverage of WWII military campaigns showed high profile officers wearing them. 

Wooden Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses were designed (as the name suggests) for Pilots. Traditionally, they consisted of a steel thin wire frame with a dual bridge separating the lenses - sometimes called 'the bullet hole'.  The lenses were large and concave to cover as much of the eye's view as possible. the curvature protected against side glare, whilst the tall, cheek touching side bottom half ensured further protection from water glare.  

Modern designs are now dictated more by fashion rather than utility. In recent times, more rectangular shaped aviator styles have come into play - offering the square look like these Model 029's:

Wooden Aviator Sunglasses

Are a bit of a new thing. Wood, with modern advances and a new eco-drive to use sustainable materials, have come leaps and bounds to match the style of their metal and plastic counterparts.  New technology layering multiple layers of wood in a criss-cross format has enabled thinner, stronger frames. 

Wooden Aviator Sunglasses

FreshforPandas Aviators (model 1019, above) are made with no less than 6 layers of Oak and Teak wood bonded together to create beautiful natural colour lines throughout the frame and arms. 

The ergonomic nose and ear sections are moulded from a single wood cut, ensuring ends are strong and aesthetically pleasing close up

Aviator Sunglasses

The lenses are UV400, which are tested to protect against 99.4% UVA/UVB harmful rays, Polarised to reduce glare and and standard with anti-scratch coating. 

The arms are spring loaded, with stainless steel hinges reinforced into the in four separate fittings. 

The FreshforPandas Aviators have been designed from the ground up, with new materials making this one of our flagship pieces we're ever so proud of! A light, eco-friendly, strong frame - which happens to look and feel as awesome as they look! 

Another wooden aviator frame sunglasses is our Model 029. This is a more Retro square style - consisting of the aviator shape with squared, straight look. A top seller and in-trend model 

Wooden Aviator Sunglasses

The Model 029 Wooden Aviator Sunglasses are available with Polarised Mirrored UV400 lenses in Red, Blue, Grey, Dark or Green. 

Are you ready to consider Natural Materials for your Sunglasses? Check out our range here 



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