Buying Glasses Online

Are you thinking of buying glasses online? Is it risky, is it more difficult, or does force of habit compel you to buy in-store? 

We all know the high street landscape is changing (for either better or worse, depending who you ask), however what is clear is that the specialist high street services, should not die an agonising death. Optical Practices that provide prescription glasses on the high street who effectively use the digital medium to promote their businesses, but combine this with offer an in-store, personal experience are the ones that see a long term future in this changing age. 

Prescription glasses Collection

Buying glasses online is fast becoming the norm. Customers are no longer restricted to the frame selection of their local optician - anyone with a current prescription can go online and buy unique specialist frames or more commodity frames online. Opticians who only sell the latter in-store with no digital footprint, will certainly perish. 

Who buys prescription glasses online?

The market for prescription glasses is growing exponentially. Peoples eyesights are getting worse, with an estimated 60% of the worlds population needing corrective vision. Prescription glasses sold online versus in-store, is growing, at roughly 5% as of 2018.  This is set to grow as online tools become easier, and more customers become tech savvy. 

Small Rectangle Wood Eyeglasses with Acetate tips

People who buy glasses online fall into two categories:

1. Buy Cheap - online retailers main driver is to sell prescription glasses cheaper than Opticians; customers trade the personal touch, service and convenience of an in-store service, to waiting a little longer and risking a little more on fit and style

2. Buy Unique - a growing number of customers want unique brands which can't be catered for widely on the high street. Unique materials, styles and ethos. Trend Setters and trailblazers.  These are the digitally native bunch who know how to find stuff new and want to demonstrate with the medium of style. 


Where does FreshforPandas Fit into this?

FreshforPandas Eyewear is unique in the market place by specialising in natural materials.  We produce frames from wood, titanium, plant-based acetate and ensure our styles suit the uniqueness our customers demand. 

As a start-up we have had our many ups and downs in testing materials, frames, engineering and styles, however the direction these have taken us is one where our prescription glasses are broadly separated in to two camps: 

1. Premium Eyeglasses - Premium thin, multi-layer wood prescription glasses that are reinforced with either titanium or carbon fibre. This ensures the strength for day to day use is not compromised with our signature natural style or eco stance. 

2. Natural Style - 100% solid wood frames, as well as skateboard wood layered and mixed wood and steel browliners. These cater for those who want the beauty and feel of natural wood at an affordable price. Ideal as a 2nd pair for the car, office use or outfit matching.

Multi-Layer Wood with Titanium temples

Multi-layered Wood, reinforced with carbon fibre, with titanium temples

Why You Should Buy Prescription Eyeglasses Online 

FreshforPandas Eyewear offer beautifully natural, wood and natural material eyewear. We cater for the eco-conscience, to the trend-setters wanting something new. 

Our range offers a fresh alternative to common styles on the marketplace. All our spectacle frames are available as prescription sunglasses as well, check out our range with we have Virtual Try-On here 

For info on how to order prescription glasses from FreshforPandas, click here