Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Trends for 2019

We’re all excited here at FreshforPandas at the launch of our 2019 Spring/Summer Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Collection!

Traditionally our range has been fun, colourful and easy to wear frames. Our new range are a tad more serious, chic in style; whilst keeping some of fun elements our customers have grown to love.

One of the more controversial decisions we made was to introduce a new material; Buffalo Horn Sunglasses. This is in fact an ethical choice; Water Buffaloes in South East Asia are farm animals and the horns are purely a byproduct harvested after the animal has come to the end of their natural lives. They are not battery farmed like western cattle, but live outside, and taken care of by their farmers.

A sneak peak into the Range

Layered Wooden Sunglasses Aviators

Wood Aviator Sunglasses

One of my personal favourites; a layered wooden Sunglasses Aviator Frame, based on a classic design. The wood is layered for strength enabling a thinner, more aesthetically pleasing design.  

We will be releasing this model in 3 colour lenses, Prescription options will come later once the RX design is complete.

Buffalo Horn Sunglasses Oval Transparent 

Buffalo Horn Oval Sunglasses for Women

These are simply beautiful. Oval shaped Sunglasses well suited to a square shaped faces for both women and men.

 Buffalo Horn Mini Wayfarer Sunglasses

Buffalo Horn Womens Wayfarer Sunglasses

A pure style, chic classic frame suitable for smaller heads, perfect for mixing the conformity look with natural free flowing look.

Dark Layered Oval Wooden Sunglasses with Red detail

Oval Wooden Sunglasses with Red detailThese are a billed to be a firm favourite. An entirely new design with straight edges with beautiful detail design. Ideal for most shape faces for both men and women.

Will be available in Blue, Dark, Brown and Green Lenses


Distressed Brown and Yellow Oval Wooden Sunglasses

Oval Distressed Wooden Sunglasses with Yellow Lenses

For both Men and Women, these frames are hot stuff. Completely new design taking advantage of new colours to create a worn, distressed wood look.


Womens Round Retro Striped Wood Sunglasses

Cats Eye Wooden Sunglasses for Women

 With gold coloured temples and metal supported wood frame, these are classy frames would suite the more posher occasions.

Dark Wood Browline / Clubmaster revisited

Wooden Clubmaster Browline Wood Sunglasses

 We have refreshed one of our signature frames with a more modern rounder look. These solid wood Browliners are perfect for the more formal look with a premium feel.

These are just a few of the favourites we will be releasing. We hope to release these around March / April 2019, register at to get first dibs once released!