How FreshforPandas Wooden Sunglasses Are Made


We get lots of questions about how our FreshForPandas wooden sunglasses are made and if they are actually eco-friendly and sustainable.

As a young, open company we thought we'd share how they're made and provide information on our supply-chain.

We have dedicated assembly lines in a dedicated, small factory in South East Asia, where materials are source locally. The wood either comes in as strips as skateboard wood, or dyed in-house with non-toxic treatment. 

Wooden Sunglasses

 The frames are then cut from our templated designs,

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

 The temple arms are made separately, enabling us to pick and choose different sized frames:

Wood Sunglasses

The wood is treated with non-toxic finish; this eliminates the risk of splinters, and ensure a comfortable wear

Bamboo Sunglasses

The arms and frames are assembled by hand, polished and quality checked

Sustainable Optical Frames

 The frames are then dried and aired up to 10 days,

 Once quality checked, our sunglasses are branded with our famous Panda head logo, CE stamp and sizings, before bein, boxed at the factory complete with Bamboo Case (made from the offcuts of of production), cloth bag, microfibre cleaning cloth and adjustable screw driver. 

 The sunnies are then transferred directly to our UK, Soil Certified Organic warehouse. Which is directly connected to the freshforpandas website (say hello to Hayden, in the warehouse).  

 The end result are beautiful handmade sunglasses with an eco-twist

When comparing our supply chain to a large commercial operation, the difference is significant.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line at admin[at]