How to choose Sunglasses for your face type

Whilst we encourage you to 'go with your gut' with what frames would suit your face type, it is worth understanding your own face type as a guide to what shape would most likely compliment your features. 

After all, if individual styles were dictated by diagrams and science, then it'll take the fun out of fashion! 

Determining Your Face Type

There are a number of different face types. For the simplicity purposes, a general rule of thumb is the more square a face is, the more curves your sunglasses should have; and vice versa.

I've outlined the most common face types below, with suggested sunglasses shapes:   


Round Face Type
Round Face Types have less defined angles and noticeable curves around the cheekbone and chin. They're measurably  'round' taking into account the forehead to chin, ear to ear. 
Round Face types rock Square and Rectangular Shaped frames;  like the rectangle model 2200, or 3113 or square 051
Square Face Type
Similar to above but with more defined cheekbones and chin features. Square is defined as the similar distance between width and the length of the face.This face type is perfect for frames with more curvy angles; such as aviators, round or oval type sunglasses. Try model 032 for a classic wood, or the Round/Oval Section here


Oval Face Type 
 If you're Oval, you're the lucky one! Most Frames will suit oval shaped faces. If you're fortunate to be blessed with features of the oval kind, be sure to experiment with different frames - and leave your concerns to matching outfits and seasonal clothing.
Go forth you lucky thing. Probably the only exception is not to go too large so as not to hide your facial features.
 Diamond Shape Sunglasses
Diamond Shaped Face Type
A diamond shaped face is defined as narrow forehead and jawline and wider cheekbones. These facial types are suitable for oval shaped, half wood and also browline shaped frames. Check out either the 037 frame, for a natural brown browline, or a more oval, updated Clubmaster style 3007
Triangle Shaped Face Sunglasses
Triangle Face Type
A Triangle face (also known as Heart Shaped) means wider points at the temple and forehead, going narrow towards the chin. Think Kate Moss or Daniel Radcliffe... Whilst most frames would suit, rounder edged sunglasses would suit this frame. A classic wayfarer style is nice, as well as oversized oval and round type sunglasses.
Sizes for Faces
You'll notice on the description page measurements like this (for example) 52-22-149 - this is an industry standard meaning (in cm) lens width-bridge-temple length. 
These measurements can be used to ensure your pupil is as close to the centre of the lense as possible (by using the Lens width and Bridge width) and if the temple arm would comfortably hug your ear for a non-slip fit.  
Another useful measurement is the Total Frame Width. This is the measurement from tip to tip, and is useful to ensure your new classes don't make look too much like Krusty the Clown's favourite eyewear. 
A small face would typically suite a total frame width of between 139mm to 144mm
A larger face would typically suit a frame width of around 146mm or higher 
Another point to consider is the thinkness of the frame. Bamboo frames tend to be thicker, giving a more classic (think Michael Caine, 1960s school prescription) look, where as premium layered wood tends to be thinner; competing with their less eco-friendly plastic and metal counterparts. 
Whilst this should be seen as a guide only to common aesthetic principles (round face = square sunnies), there's no reason not to experiment or try new frames that break the norm!