Ordering Prescription Sunglasses Online

Prescription Sunglasses are an essential part of protecting your eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays, whilst being able to properly see things. Often spectacle wearers sacrifice protection, for vision - which should never be the case.

Thankfully, once you have your spectacles and a prescription from a licenced Optometrist, ordering prescription sunglasses online is fast, easy and cost effective. 

Lens technology is not cheap. Neither are the labour costs of a qualified technicians who glaze lenses to a patients prescription.  Each prescription has to be individually made, then custom fitted into the frame one at a time. Unlike ready made Sunglasses, this is time-consuming and expensive. 

In addition, certain lens attributes widely available in fashion sunglasses are sometimes not available to prescription sunglasses wearers. For instance, polarised sunglasses work by blocking light from certain angles. Prescription Sunglasses lenses involve applying curvature to a blank lens. Therefore certain prescriptions may not bode well with the benefits of polarised lenses, with out specialist materials or a really custom job.

Another costly concern to prescription sunglasses wearers are mirrored lenses. The materials used for prescription sunglasses are different to high street sunglasses; they need a higher density and if the prescription is strong, an even higher density to avoid unsightly frame overlap. Due to the difference in material, the mirror coating will need a different approach. 

FreshforPandas Prescription Sunglasses

Our wooden sunglasses are perfect for an eco-fashion alternative to plastic or metal frames. We are gradually moving our range to RX ready - meaning we have engineered certain frames especially for lens replacement. As wood is a natural material, and not as dense as plastic, the process involves a high level of engineering. We sometimes use a slice of carbon fibre in some of our high end frames to ensure the frame can withstand the stretch of removing lenses, other frames have been engineered for the top half to be completely removed. We believe we have found the right balance of eco, natural materials, with the benefits of prescription lenses. 

We are also moving to natural bio-acetate prescription sunglasses - these are plant-based premium acetate as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic frames. These are much easier to glaze with prescription lenses, as Optical technicians can simply heat the frame to loosen the lens out. 


How to order FreshforPandas Prescription Sunglasses

We have made the process as simple as possible. On each of our product pages, simply tick the 'prescription' box. 

From here, follow the drop down menus to choose the following:

Tell us your Prescription Type - You'll need a prescription to correct either your distance vision, or your near vision (reading), or a bit of both. Choose; Distance, Reading, or Bifocal or Varifocal 

Choose your Tint - Two options; Dark Tint; in a choice of Brown, Grey or Dark, or Colour Mirrored, in Blue, Gold or Green

Polarised Sunglasses - Do you want polarised? then click this box. 

Pupillary Distance - Your PD is simply the distance between your pupils. Checkout our FAQ section if you're unsure how to measure

Upload your Prescription - Simply upload your file for us to verify and double check once your order is placed. 

Once your order has been placed, it will be manually checked by the lab to ensure the prescription is suitable, the lab will then take around 7-10 working days to fit your custom prescription sunglasses lenses. 

Do you have any questions? First time ordering prescription sunglasses? drop us an email or click our chat box to talk with us - we'll be happy to help