5 easy ways to start an eco-friendly life


Deep down we all do actually care for our planet.  However like me, you’ve probably been torn between the guilt of understanding the need for to change daily habits - and the easy life big businesses have engrained in you throughout your life.

So if you’re in the column of ‘I care, but meh?’ ilk, here are 5 easy and no hassle ways of changing those habits those naughty corporations have instilled in you.

1. Buy unwrapped, unprepared fruit and vegetables

Ideally buy from a local market stall, or green grocers. Food wrapping is ridiculously unnecessary.

fresh food actually lasts longer outside of wrapping! Have you ever brought mushrooms and found once you’ve opened the box, the next day they go soggy? Its because they want to breathe! 

A whole lettuce - which by the way, costs a third of a chopped packaged lettuce - will last almost a week in the fridge whereas an opened package plastic bag of lettuce will last 2 days.

Fruit are the same - apples, bananas, oranges - they already come with natures wrapping and will last longer if you don’t use them!

So a small, small change - buy fruit and veg unprepared and unwrapped

2. Buy an alternative Toothbrush not made of plastic

Its estimated over 1 Billion toothbrushes are thrown away each year in the US alone! the toothbrush is just example of single-use products (OK, three months’ use) which we can all easily change.

Check out our range of bamboo toothbrushes at


All are natural alternatives that you will contribute to helping reduce the 1 Trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans

3. Reduce your plastic bag use

Plastic is everywhere. not only does it take up to 500 years to decompose, it’s manufacture isn’t  too Gaia friendly neither.

If you carry a handbag, man bag or gym bag around; keep a re-usable bag in there or  better yet carry a non-plastic cloth or bamboo fabric alternative

4. Reduce Plastic in your accessories and household goods

if you look around your household you’re bound to find items which are plastic based - wherever you can, replace them with alternatives.  Stainless steel lunch boxes can be nicer alternatives to plastic lunch boxes. wooden kitchen utensils, even night stands and lamps can be a quirkier alternative to those ugly plastic ones. Check out FreshforPandas Home and Lifestyle section for ideas: https://www.freshforpandas.com/collections/home-lifestyle

5. Drink coffee the old fashioned way

Pod based coffee brewers are easy and a clean way to get your morning hit. However those disposable single use Pods are certainly not a contributor to a better planet. Vendors may say they’re reusable or recyclable - but why palm off your responsibility for a better planet to someone else? Chances are they’ll end up in a landfill.

Buy your coffee and use a traditional stove top expresso machine or any other that doesn’t need unnecessary plastic waste!

So if we all start small - change just a few things in our daily lives for now. Once you see how easy it is, the bigger lifetime engrained habits will be easier to tackle. We'll all be eco-warriors in no-time.