Return of the Classic Aviator Sunglasses

The Classic Pilot Aviator Sunglasses revisioned with eco-friendliness

The Eco-Friendly Aviator Sunglasses 

The Aviator Sunglasses shape is a classic one. Built from utility, it quickly became a staple style in the 20th century dating back to the 1930s. 

Whilst materials change over time to suit consumer sentiment, styles stick around to accommodate retro, classic or urban eyewear tastes.

FreshForPandas Eco-Friendly Pilot Sunglasses capture a classic style but made with much more eco materials; layered wood, bamboo or titanium and bio-acetate. 

Aviator Sunglasses

80 Years in the Making 

Aviator Sunglasses date back to the 1930's, made famous from the media coverage of WWII. Generals and Admirals would be interviewed sporting steel Aviator Sunglasses, resulting in mass demand. Compounded by Servicemen returning from the war who'd keep to their issued eyewear. 

The shape itself is born from function. A purposely oversized shape, the bottom half touches the cheeks, whilst the wider, slightly concave frame shape would slightly wrap to  the wearers vision.  This design was specifically to ensure maximum visibility, whilst shielding a pilot from side and upward glare. 

The shape made a comeback in both the 60s and 80s, where they were popularised in countless films, from Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke, to Tom Cruise from Top Gun.

Pilot Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Style Sunglasses for the 21st Century 

We have made three models of the Classic Aviator Sunglasses - all Eco Friendly, all renewable, all style!

1. Titanium, Wood and Bio-Acetate - A classic style with a trio of eco-friendly materials. Titanium is a super-lightweight, naturally occurring metal. It's used in premium eyewear due to its ability to not absorb heat improving comfort, as well as not naturally rusting. The frame also features solid wood temples and bio-acetate ear tips - made from plant fibres and wood. This ensures a completely bio-degradable, eco-friendly alternative to mass produced plastic and metal frames 

2. Dark Bamboo - Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials we have on this planet. It's fast growing, needs very little to no fertiliser to grow, whilst being strong enough to be used for anything from suspension bridges, scaffolding, to cool looking sunglasses. 

3. Layered Wood - Our premium layered wood ensures a strong 100% wood frame made from Oak and Teak. the layering gives extra strength, during manufacture the wood is layered in opposite directions to the grain to naturally reinforce the finished product

Wood Aviator Sunglasses 

Dark Bamboo Aviator Sunglasses

Titanium Aviator Sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses Available 

We also offer Prescription Sunglasses with all our Aviator Sunglasses. We will need a copy of your up to date prescription from an authorised Optometrist and Pupillary Distance Measurement. 

For Prescription Sunglasses, Click Here 

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