The Necessity of Polarized Sunglasses in the Winter

Winter Wooden Sunglasses

Sunglasses in the Winter? Surely that is just marketing nonsense!

Or is it? People often forget Polarized Sunglasses are a medical device - they protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays which, over time can result in the loss or deterioration of your eyesight. 

In the winter, whilst we have less daylight, the sun is often as bright, if not brighter when it is out. Not only that, the sun will be more often at eye level, increasing the risk of direct exposure. 

 Driving is a risk also - Snow reflects light causing glare. Polarized Lenses are designed to counteract this. 

So here are the top 4 reasons we feel Sunglasses are an essential Winter item

1. Low Level Light - Your eyes are much more likely to come into direct light of sight with the sun. Unlike Summer, where the Sun is high in the sky, Winter Sun is low meaning you'll almost definitely need to squint. 

2. Reflective Light - Polarized Sunglasses can provide protection against glare and reflective light from water, snow, glass etc. This is especially the case if driving or cycling 

3. Reduce Headache and Eyestrain - In addition to UV protection, Sunglasses will reduce strain to the eyes ensuring comfort. Any situation forcing you to use your hands to block the sun, is a situation for sunglasses!

4. Dust, Dirt and Snow - Covered eyes can protect against what harsh winds and weather can bring. Any protection on the eyes is better than none

Sunglasses Styles for the Winter

Whilst new styles come in and others go out, there are some common trends we see here in the Sunglasses industry. Whilst we urge you to use your own preference over anyone else's, we've outlined some common patterns in trends for both men and women

Men tend to go for the more earthy colours in the Winter Months; Brown or Dark Brown.  Wooden Sunglasses tend to be very popular in the winter for mostly outdoor mountaineering folk, as a more natural alternative to plastic or metal frames. 

Natural Frames like the Model 52 Polarized Sunglasses in Brown tend to trend well in the Winter Months

Winter Wooden Sunglasses

Women tend to go for larger, oversized sunglasses for the winter in neutral colours.  Heart Shape, Round and Square shaped Sunglasses in Dark colours tend to do well in recent years

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Womens Wooden Sunglasses

There is also one other reason to use sunglasses in the winter - because they look cool! Winter Sunglasses are as essential as Tee-shirts in the summer. And wearing the same pair in the winter than you did in the summer is just lame. Mix up your collection and match your eyewear with your dress-wear! 

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