Sunglasses for Men

Categorising Sunglasses for Men can be tricky. In the modern climate we live in, the myriad of styles available to us - why restrict yourself to a brand or shop's  Sunglasses for Men Catalogue? 

In actual fact, there are no Sunglasses for Men OR Sunglasses for Women in the field of personal style. It's true, some Sunglasses have been designed for men or women, but that's not to say it has to stay true to its original audience. New styles are created daily by mixing and matching Sunglasses for men with other fashion items designed for women. 

We have therefore removed our section of Sunglasses for Men, and instead took the decision to categorise our Sunglasses by Shape or Material - a gender neutral catalogue, you could say! 

So how should you search for Sunglasses for Men if other brands take this stance up? How do you stop looking like a 'snowflake', 'millennial', 'metrosexual' or any other conformist label being thrown about? Just try them on - if the look and feel good, then you've got the right sunglasses! And don't worry about the labels.

However, there are some helpful guidelines to go by; 

1. Lens Size - the optimum position of your pupils is best as close to the centre of the lens as possible. This will typically ensure optimal viewing and comfortable fit

2. Frame Shape - Typically (but not conclusively) a square/rectangular shaped Sunglasses for Men would suit a rounder face, and vice-versa

3. Arm Length - whilst this has more to do with fit rather than style, an overly long arm length would mean a looser fit, affecting your look (for good or bad) 

The rest of your choice should be based purely on your personal taste. Sunglasses for men include Oval and Round Shaped, Square or Rectangular, Browline Style, to the classic Wayfarer shape.


You've probably landed on because you're looking for something a little different from the mass-produced plastic and metal eyewear out there. Sustainability may have brought your here, or the colour and design we play with to create a unique range.  Either way, I hope you find the range interesting and fitting to your individual style!