What are Polarised Sunglasses?

If you're in the market for quality sunglasses, you will have come across polarised sunglasses - and most probably wondered if you need them, and what the heck polarised means! 

The basic purpose of polarised sunglasses is to reduce glare from reflective surfaces. In real life, this means instead of seeing a bright reflection on water or glass, the polarisation will reduce the light on that surface, enabling you to see the little fish swimming about, or that creepy guy looking at you through the window. 

What are FreshforPandas Polarised Lenses made of

FreshforPandas Lenses are made from Triacetate Cellulose (TAC), which provides a cost-effective and superior polarisation. It also enables multiple layers of film to be pressed together, to provide other benefits like hard coating, UV protection and anti-scratch coating.

What are Polarised Sunglasses

Triacetate Cellulose also has some other benefits, coming from plant based plastics, makes it 'more' biodegradable than other plastics. Whilst it might be a stretch to label it eco-friendly, the material is known to be a little better than other plastics in circulation. 

Benefits of Polarised Sunglasses

Our glasses are certified CAT3 UV400. Which basically means they have been independently certified for UV protection and blocks up to 100% UV rays.

The polarised feature will benefit the following situations

- Motorists - roads, mirrors, passing windows all create glare which can be dangerous in bright light conditions

- Sailors and Water Activity - the sea is just one big reflective surface, polarised lenses will ensure crisper vision through and on the water

- Snow Activity - As above, snow is one big reflective surface, so crisper vision will always help 

- Spectators and outdoor sports watchers - football, tennis and other outside venues focus light on the pitch or court; polarised sunglasses can block other light sources ensuring a better view 

- General Purpose - with FreshforPandas lenses, you'll notice higher definition and sharper corners, for day to day use 

When Not to use Polarised Sunglasses

There are only a few circumstances where polarised lenses may not be suitable

- Cyclists - sometimes need to see those puddles on corners; reflective surfaces can work as a warning for these. This is not a real issue, but can be if the cyclist isn't used to polarised sunglasses

- Airplane Pilots - Airplane instruments are polarised already due to the high glare you get in hight altitude.  Therefore polarised sunglasses run the risk of blocking out the instruments 

- Some Prescriptions - certain prescription lenses cannot be polarised. As prescription lenses are curved to fit an exact prescription, the blocking angle of polarised lenses will also need adjusting.  If you need prescription sunglasses and want polarised lenses, get in contact with us for more info.

What are Polarised Sunglasses

 Freshforpandas Sunglasses all come standard with Polarised Lenses, and most have a choice of mirror or tint colour. We also do Prescription Sunglasses and can custom fit polarised lenses. Just fill in the drop down menus on the product page and pick your lens options for a full price.