How these frames are changing the way London Millennials buy Sunglasses

Last Summer Londoners brought more Wooden Sunglasses and Wooden Eyewear than any other previous year!

At FreshforPandas we have seen an astonishing 1,200% growth in Wooden Sunglasses and Prescription Eyewear sales in London - predominantly  purchased by millennials looking for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. 

So why has wood taken off as a sunglasses material and why now? What has changed?

A few reasons:

Technology Advancements

The industry has seen investment in new technology to enable wood to be layered for strength and flexibility. Rather than a fragile twig branch, this eyewear can withstand the day to day demands of a hectic city life. Not to say wood is not wood - plastic and metal are still stronger, but with a littlecare and due attention, wood sunglasses are a real viable alternative. 

Wooden Aviators

*FreshforPandas Premium Layered Wood Aviators 


This new technology and design focus has driven a new industry to strive for more aesthetically pleasing designs. Customers now have a real alternative to mass-produced eyewear, which looks better and feels better

Women's Wooden Sunglasses Oval

*Solid Zebrano Wooden Oval Sunglasses 


Wooden Sunglasses are around 40% lighter than plastic or metal sunglasses. This makes a big difference to a wearers demeanour on those hot sunny days.  Less weight around the temple, nose and ears reduces head-strain - especially with the hot sun beating down on the neck. 

In addition wood naturally detracts heat. Plastic, Acetate and Metal all heat up in the sun. Wood naturally cools the temples, contributing to lower blood pressure to the head. 

Wood is also a necessity for wearers with allergies towards plastic and metal. 

*FreshforPandas Square Shaped Wayfarer


Wood is naturally renewable and contributes to the environment. Especially materials like Cork or Bamboo; where the former doesn't need to be harvested to be used, and the latter grows up to 3 feet per day! 

Plastic is a big part of the reason why Wood Sunglasses are becoming the norm in some regions. Ocean pollution through difficult-to-recycle plastic is a key motivators for millennials wanting to make a statement. 

Other Benefits include they float in water making them ideal for sailing, water sports and the beach. 

*Distressed Wood Sunglasses oval


Customers are starting to realise 80% of sunglasses are made by the same few companies, with large supply chains and a heavy carbon footprint. Due to the power of social media, online sales and availability of new technologies in wood manufacturing, its no wonder wooden sunglasses are taking the industry by storm

Check out here some of the designs and try a few pairs out - you'll see why wood is becoming the go-to material for eyewear.

 Wooden Sunglasses

*Mini-Wayfarer 3 tone