Wooden Glasses Frames

The style staple of the 50's returns with a twist
Timeless Frames Handcrafted From Wood.

Wwooden glasses frames can be traced all the way back to the 13th century, although back them they weren't much to look at : a rim made from wood or shell, around 2 cut glass lenses attached with rivets.  Over the years they morphed into the styles we know and love today, but if there's one thing that stayed the same, is the uniqueness of each pair. Whether you're a long time wearer, or just wondering why someone would make such an odd choice, we're here to let you in on a few reasons why you should go for a pair of wooden glasses.

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Hypoallergenic Frames.

Wood's hypoallergenic qualities are the perfect fit for eyewear because, as with fine jewellery, it won’t cause any reaction or discomfort to the skin.

Your glasses are going to be part of your daily life; they will most likely be the first thing you pick up in the morning, and the last thing you put down at night. They'll not only be the window where all your visual perception passes, they will press against your temples - the main flow of blood to your brain and rest on your nose bone, connected directly to your cranium, as well as sit for 12 hours a day behind your ears. 

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Timeless Design.
Eco-Friendly Approach

Each pair of wooden sunglasses is a truly unique piece of nature.

Handcrafted from 5 layers of wood for durability, they're lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.

We started using layered wood techniques for our wooden glasses frames to enable a natural design which can be thinner and more streamlined than using solid Wood alone. 

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Unique Materials

Building on Mother Nature's handiwork, we’re finding new uses for materials that are right right in front of us.

Whether it’s the renewable bamboo or the mighty oak from south western Green, or walnut we scour the globe for the world’s most premium wood and materials.

Mother Nature is our muse. Building on her handiwork, we’re finding new uses for materials that exist right in front of us

Being a direct-to-consumer operation, the supply chain of our wooden glasses frames can be traced back to the actual tree and bamboo plantations they were carved from. 

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Natural Premium Wood 

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Each Frame is Handcrafted 

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Responsibly Sourced From FSC Certified Forrests

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Prescription Lenses 

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