Our Story

Welcome to FreshforPandas, a London based online store specialising in Fresh Eco-Friendly Wood and Bamboo Eco Eyewear.

Our aim is to contribute to the reduction of plastic use in our society, whilst providing fresh, stylish and funky alternatives to the big corporate brands.

We have an extensive range of Handmade Eco Friendly Sunglasses and Eyewear, where we ship carbon-neutral from our Soil Certified Warehouse facility in Manchester, UK.

Eco friendly Sunglasses
Eco Friendly Eyewear

We believe good design should not cost the earth. Our mission is unique in that we aim to disrupt the Eyewear industry to drive consumers towards sustainable, renewable materials.

Whilst the eyewear market is dominated by a few large players that use fossil fuel based plastic and acetate, we cater for customers who want less mainstream, less pollutants and more style!



Our Sunglasses use Polarised UV400 Lenses, which block up to 100% of UV Light.  
Advanced TAC Polarisation ensures reduced glare and increased clarity.


Our Handmade Eyeglasses are made from Plant-Based Biodegradeable Acetate, Wood, Bamboo and Titanium. All eco-friendly, renewable and responsibly sourced. 

Blue Light Glasses

Our Blue Resist technology block up to 5 times more Blue Light than standard MAR coatings.
They promote better sleep, reduce harmful emissions and provide comfortable sessions whilst using computers and other video screens.

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