Congratulations on making the switch to Natural Material Eyewear!

You have chosen a product with significantly less production carbon footprint, less plastic and that cause less damage to the our planet. And you'll look and feel better too,  for it!

Used and cared for correctly, your new eyewear will last years.

However there is a small downside - natural, biodegradable materials will - as the name implies - biodegrade if not appropriately used or cared for. 

These instructions are best practice for all Sunglasses (plastic and otherwise), with additional advice specifically for Wood and Buffalo Horn materials. 

General Use Instructions

  • Use the (bamboo or cork) hard case provided when not wearing - Keeping them in your pocket or loose in a bag is a big no-no. The arms will loosen over time, or you'll risk even breaking the wood 
  • Don't rest your eyewear on your head or hang off your clothing - as tempting as this may be, this will loosen the arms, weakening the frame. Keeping them on your head will also stretch and re-shape your eyewear, reducing fit
  • Use the Microfibre cloth to wipe lenses after use - Do not use clothing; your cloths have micro-particles of dust and dirt which can damage the polarised or mirror coatings of any sunglass
  • Clean the frame and lenses with lightly soaped warm water - do not use alcohol based liquids, wiping a damp cloth a tiny amount of washing up liquid and warm water is more than enough for regular cleaning

Wood and Bamboo Sunglasses Use Instructions

Wood and Bamboo are organic materials that will naturally decompose under certain conditions. Your FreshforPandas Sunglasses have been treated with non-toxic treatment to mitigate splinters, rot and protection against the elements. So like quality wood furniture, they should last years with good care. 

The only additional care instructions for Wood is to oil them once every 4-6 months with any (ideally natural) lubricate. This can be lip balm, beeswax, even olive oil. The idea is to mitigate the wood drying and cracking.  

Buffalo Horn Sunglasses Use Instructions 

Buffalo Horn is a natural product and like wood, it will eventually decompose. One of the attractions to this premium material is over time it tends to naturally mould to the wearers face, improving fit over time. 

Over time, 18-24 months usually, if not taken care of, Buffalo Horn will discolour. they may lose their vibrant look if not taken care of. 

To avoid this, use a natural plant based oil like Olive or rapeseed oil, to wipe the frame once every 3-4 months.