Eyeglasses Home Try On

We have teamed up with Klarna to provide an easy way to try on natural prescription eyeglasses at home before you buy. Now you can order 4 eyeglasses frames, try them on, then return them for prescription glazing. Simply return all the frames to us after 7 days - and if you like a pair, place the prescription order separately.

Your card will not be debited unless you decide not to return the frames. 

*Note, Klarna Payment Services is only available to UK residents 

Choose 4 Frames

Choose up to 4 Frames to try on at home

Select Klarna at Checkout

Choose 'Klarna' payment option; Buy Now Pay Later

Return in 7 Days

Return all 4 frames, then order your prescription online for lens fitting 

  • Risk Free - Try on your prescription eyeglasses in the comfort of your own home before committing to prescription lenses
  • No Fees - Only pay for the return postage - usually about £3.00 from the post office (UK mainland)  
  • No Upfront Payment Required - Submit a few questions and your payment details to Klarna and no funds will be debited from your card (unless you decide to keep them!)
  • Easy Online Prescription Ordering - Once the frames are returned and prescription lenses ordered, we will glaze your new frames within 7-10 working days

How to Order FreshforPandas Prescription Eyewear

Ordering FreshforPandas eco-friendly prescription eyeglasses is easy - however this is still a custom product; and we may have lots more questions to ensure your prescription, fit and lens options are correct. Each order is individually checked before being professionally glazed by our lens glazing lab partner. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us via live Chat or email. 

On the each product page suitable for prescription lenses, you'll find a drop down menu with the following options: 

Prescription Type
Choose the type of corrective vision you have as described on your prescription: 

- Near Sighted - You can see things close up, but not far away

- Long Sighted - You need glasses for seeing things close up

- Bifocal - For those with both long and short sight correction; top half of the lens is for distance, bottom half is for reading

- Varifocal - Both long and near sight correction; with an intermediate and no visible line

Lens Coating Options
We have 4 options to choose from, depending on what you intend to use your eyeglasses for; Standard Anti-Scratch and Anti-reflective coating for every day regular use, Blue Light Protection if you spend lots of time on front of a computer or mobile phone, or extra UV protection if you spend a lot of time outdoors, or MaxDrive, for lenses optimised for better vision driving during night or poor light

PD and Prescription
Once you've chosen your options, simply email or upload your prescription and enter your pupillary Distance Measurement (PD). If you do not know how to get your PD Measurement, click here...

All Prescription Orders are manually checked and double checked to ensure no mistakes are made with the glazing of your lenses. Any mistakes or errors are covered under warranty, and we will happily check and re-glaze your frames should there be a problem. Please expect around 7-12 days for your prescription to be delivered, once your Prescription is verified. 

Specialist and Custom Lens Options

If you have specific requirements not listed above, please drop us an email or use live chat. We can cater for most prescription types or custom lens options, examples include:

  • Varifocal Options - Customised or Premium Varifocal Lens options - wider corridors or brand specific lenses
  • Thinner Lenses - Our lenses are High Index 1.6 as standard, however for certain prescriptions, or if preferred, we can provide 1.67 or 1.74AS High Index
  • Specialist Polarised Lenses - Branded or Stock premium polarised options 
  • Transitions / Photochromic - Light reactive lenses for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Customised Tints - Custom colour tints by sample