Who are you, what do you stand for?

We are FreshforPandas Ltd, based in London, England.

We produce Handmade Wood and Bamboo Sunglasses and Wood and Natural Material Eco-Eyewear. Our frames are hand-made/assembled and promote small business values and an ecologically friendly manufacture.  

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is a fast growing plant (technically a grass, not wood, FYI!) which needs little to no fertiliser or GM assistance in growing. It can grow anywhere and its' use stretches from supporting suspension bridges, to jewellery, exfoliating skin products. It's truly an awesome product which has loads more environment benefits than cotton, plastic. Not only in its use and disposal, but also in it's production. 

Are your Sunglasses any Good?

We have invested, and continually invest in providing high quality sunglasses. Our Lenses are CAT 3 certified for 100% UVA/UVB protection and general use purpose. We used high quality TAC polarised lenses for high clarity and maximum protection from the elements. 

Our frames are manufactured using quality, ethically sourced Bamboo and Wood. As they are handmade within the same facility in a small factory we can vouch for the quality whilst keeping control of production. Where possible, we do not outsource to other factories.   

How about the lenses?

Our lenses are made with TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose) - providing superior visual and polarisation clarity.

They are hard coated to resist scratching and block out 100% of all harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers, and are also lightweight and highly impact resistant material. 

TAC technology enables multiple layers of film to be applied to the lens, each layer providing polarisation, anti-reflection, UV blocking and anti-scratch and impact resistance. 

Where are your products made?

Our FreshforPandas brand are manufactured in our production facility in South East Asia where we have dedicated FreshforPandas production lines. This way we get to control design, packaging to quality control and customisations to suit our markets. Our Watch products are made by trusted partners where we have resell and supply agreements with. 

How are your Sunglasses made?

We acquire raw materials - either Bamboo, Maple or Zebrano, in long strips from ethically sourced producers local to our factory.

The frames are then carved into the templated designs. the arms are made separately by a hand by our specialist, before we apply (depending on design) non-toxic wood treatment where they are left to dry for 4-6 days.

The frames are then fitted with the lens, branded then passed to quality control to adhere to CE standards. They are then packaged and boxed directly at source, before being shipped to our warehouse near Manchester, UK

How do I measure my PD?

Pupillary distance

How eco-friendly is the production?

If you compare our supply-chain and production methods to manufacturers that use purely plastic frames, there is no comparison!  Trees and Bamboo are organic and naturally contribute to our eco-system. Metal and Plastic has to produced and contribute to significantly more industrial waste than a pair made of Wood or Bamboo. 

Our production byproduct is quite literally saw-dust!

How eco-friendly is the packaging?

Our sunglasses come in a small 10cm by 5cm plastic bag that is 100% recyclable. We use plastic for this for two reasons: 1: is to ensure CE compliance where we have committed to protect the UVA/UVB rating of the lens during storage and delivery; 2: Wood and Bamboo naturally reacts to humidity in hot and cold conditions; we therefore need to control the material to ensure it reaches our customers in tip top shape. 

We also wrap the microfibre and free screw driver in a small 4cm by 4cm plastic bag to ensure these are not lost. 

Both plastic bags (which is about as much plastic as in 2 x Mars Bars!) are 100% recyclable. We encourage you to either recycle them, or send them back to us for recycling. 

We also provide our sunglasses in a cardboard retail box which again is 100% recyclable. 

In addition, our warehouse is Soil Certified to hold Organic produce. the shipping packaging we use is either recycle paper or wood shavings - and we deliver carbon-neutral via Royal Mail or DPD for express courier services. 

Ordering and Shipping 

Are you legit, is my transaction safe?

100% yes. You not only have your guarantee from your credit card company or Paypal, but the assurance you're dealing with a UK based Limited company bound by UK laws.  All orders will be 100% fulfilled - or refunded or offered a credit if there is a supply issue out of our control.  

Our full business name and UK registered address is:

71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ
Company Registration number: 11320217


Shipping, how much?

We ship worldwide from our warehouse in Manchester UK, which operates 0900 to 1700, Monday to Friday. Orders placed before 1pm will be despatched same-day. Orders placed on weekends are despatched on the Monday. 

Note International Orders outside the EU and UK may be subject to local tax and customs charges which will need to be the responsibility of the customer to pay. 

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Partnerships; Affiliates and Wholesale

Email us here if you are a retailer or you're looking to work with us. We're always happy to entertain mutually beneficial arrangements!

 Do you know any Panda jokes?

Eats, shoots and leaves.