How to measure your PD

Buying Optical Eyewear and Prescription Sunglasses online can be daunting. You may find yourself faced with terms you don't know, or want to know about!

There are simply three things you need to buy optical eyewear online:

1. An idea of the type of optical eyewear or sunglasses you want; style, fit, size type thing

2. Your Prescription carried out by a qualified professional - you should not buy optical eyewear or sunglasses without this. 

3. Your Pupillary Distance; or PD Measurement. This is the distance in millimetres between your pupils (as the name suggests) and is important for glazing the lenses in line with your sight. An off PD Measurement will cause discomfort and strain. 

How to Measure Your Pupillary Distance

A PD Measurement is a mm measurement between your pupils; usually ranging from around 58mm to 65mm.

It is not obligatory for your optometrist to divulge your PD to you as part of your eye test; you may have to ask for this separately. 

However if you forget, it can be measured at home quite simply. 

1. Put on your Glasses

2. Focus on an object 20 feet away

3. With a (non-permanent) marker, place a dot where your pupil is on the Right lens, then the left

4. measure the distance with a ruler

See above GIF for an easy video on how this works... 

Once you have this PD measurement and a current prescription, choose your Lens options and you're done!

The majority of lens glazing can be achieved through your PD measurement and Prescription, however other factors may impact the glazing of your lenses.

For unusual strengths or specific eye prescriptions, it is always best to follow your Optometrist advice. At FreshforPandas we manually check each prescription order, and will be in contact with questions if we feel there is any risk in glazing your lenses.