We have made it as simple as possible for customers to acquire Natural Material Eco-Eyewear online. We work with a professional glazing lab with over 18 years experience to ensure a guaranteed fit based on your current prescription. 

Ordering from FreshforPandas is easy - however this is still a custom product; and we may have lots more questions to ensure your prescription, fit and lens options are correct. 

On the Eyeglasses product pages you will have some options to choose from;

1. Prescription Type

Your vision will be either near sighted (being able to read things close, but not far away) or long sighted (reading things close up is tricky) - or a bit of both.  

On each product page in the Eyeglasses Section you'll find a drop down menu under the title - simply choose your prescription type, lens option, then upload your prescription.

A final price will be added to your basket if you have chosen additional options. 

2. Lens Options 

We offer 4 options - all options come as standard with Anti-Reflective/Anti-scratch coating. 

Standard CR39 Lenses - High quality CR39 material which is ideal for occasional use. These are ideal for prescription up to to the powers of -2/+2, however any higher we would recommend going thinner to avoid unsightly lens overlap

Thin Lenses - 1.6 High Index - Up to 20% thinner than standard lenses, High Index lenses use less material, therefore look better and feel lighter to wear. Performance is also improved as light will require less material to pass through. These lenses are ideal for most types of prescriptions 

Extra Thin Lenses - 1.67 High Index - Up to 25% thinner than standard lenses, these advanced lenses are ideal for higher prescriptions or thin profile frames

Super Thin Lenses - 1.74 High Index with Advanced Coating - These top of line lenses are as thin as they get. They also come with advanced anti-reflective / anti-scratch coating, which offers better Hydrophobic properties (water/grease proof) and an EMI layer which protects against electromagntic radiation.  

3. Lens Coating Options

Next, you'll be given the option to choose your Lens Coating. Lens coatings are an integral part of an optical lens, and are essential for thinner lenses. These coatings are all multi-layer, meaning they work in addition to the coatings that come with our standard lenses. 

We have 3 options to choose from, depending on what you intend to use your eyeglasses for;

  1. BlueResist - Protects against harmful VDU signals from computers, mobiles, television sets etc. With a barely noticeable yellow glaze, Blue Light protection ensure comfortable viewing and reduces head strain.
  2. MaxUV - Whilst our standard lenses will provide UV400 protection, MaxUV provides additional protection from both the front and back of the lenses 
  3. MaxDrive - Is a new technology designed to improve vision in poor lighting conditions. Designed especially to reduce glare from headlights during driving, MaxDrive is perfect for daily commuters or long distance car travel

PD and Prescription

Once you've chosen your options, simply email or upload your prescription and enter your pupillary Distance Measurement (PD). If you do not know how to get your PD Measurement, click here...

All Prescription Orders are manually checked and double checked to ensure no mistakes are made with the glazing of your lenses. Please expect around 5-7 days for your prescription to be delivered, once your Prescription is verified.