Carell - Sun


With its bookish keyhole bridge and stylishly rounded frames, Carell was made for bohemians and professors alike.

With maple pins and multilayered arms makes this one of the most durable and beautifully natural wood eyepieces available. 

The layers feature outer Maplewood and inner Ebony with Carbon Fibre reinforcing inbetween,  Carell is polished with a plant-based non-toxic treatment for a completely smooth finish. 

Looking closer at the design, you'll notice beautiul detail such as the subtle maple pins on the each side of the frame, natural walut grain in a horizonal direction, and black, natural bio-acetate earpieces. 

Hinges are high quality integrated directly into the frame, spring loaded to ensure maximium comfort.

  • Fit: Medium to Large
  • Size 50-21-145mm
  • Frame Material: Multi-layer Walnut, Carbon Fibre, Maple pins,
  • Plant-based acetate eartips for fit adjustment 
  • RX design with invisible cut and integrated screw for easy lens removal
  • Fitted with Dark Grey 1.1mm TAC Polarised Lenses 

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