Kendall - Blue Light

Inspired by the River Kent, in Cumbria, UK, The Kendall is a dark, matte finish frame with Autumn english country side tones. An Ebony and Walnut frame, reinforced with carbon fibre for extra durability, its a premium frame unique to FreshforPandas.  

The Ebony outer wood layer is naturally dark, finished with a natural wood treatment making it sweat and waterproof, the rest of the layers are carbon fibre and Walnut. 

The eartips are a natural bio-acetate plastic, made from wood chippings and corn, which enables them to be adjusted behind the ears to fit. 

Comes complete with non-prescription Blue Light lenses, which block up to 5 times more blue light than standard lens coatings. With a light, barely noticable yellow tint, Blue Light lenses improve comfort when using computer and mobile screens over a long period of time. 

A classically tall, geometric shape makes this ideal for rounder or oval face types, with a regular sized fit. 

  • Fit: Regular to Large
  • Measurements: 51-19-145 
  • Total Frame Width: 138mm
  • Materials: Walnut Wood with Carbon Fibre, Plant-based acetate ear-tips
  • RX Design with invisible cut: prescription ready
  • BlueResist 1.1mm lenses 

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