Kendall - Sun

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The Kendall is a dark, matte finish frame frame made with Ebony Wood and Walnut Wood. Unique to FreshforPandas, the frame incorporates a layer of carbon fibre, to reinforce the frame making it sturdy whilst keeping the characteristics of a wood frame.  

The Ebony outer wood layer is naturally dark, finished with a natural wood treatment making it sweat and waterproof, the rest of the layers are carbon fibre and Walnut. 

The eartips are a natural bio-acetate plastic, made from wood chippings and corn, which enables them to be adjusted behind the ears to fit. 

Comes complete with Dark Grey 1.1mm TAC Polarised Lenses. This frame is also available for Prescription and Blue Light Options are available 

A classically tall, geometric shape makes this ideal for rounder or oval face types, with a regular sized fit. 

  • Fit: Regular to Large
  • Measurements: 51-19-145 
  • Total Frame Width: 138mm
  • Materials: Walnut Wood with Carbon Fibre, Plant-based acetate ear-tips
  • RX Design with invisible cut: prescription ready

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